Saturday, August 13, 2011

Want Michigan businesses to be competitive? Don't play 'Lucy yanks the football on Charlie Brown' with energy efficiency program

Dear Gov. Snyder and Michigan legislators:

You’ve been consistent in saying that making Michigan’s business climate more competitive is your top goal. 

Michigan’s energy efficiency program provides businesses with an affordable way to cut overhead expenses. It meets energy needs at a cost that is 90 percent lower than one of the most talked about alternatives, a coal power plant. It is also significantly less costly than wind farms or other clean energy sources.

So, the notice below is not the sort of thing you want to read if you are a business hoping to quality for efficiency programs.

The Consumers Energy Business Solutions electric incentive program is fully subscribed and has been closed. Electric incentive applications received on or after August 1, 2011 will be placed on a waitlist and filled on a first-in basis subject to the availability of funds.

Nor is this:

DTE Energy Star rebates 91% paid as of August 1. (in other words, about to run out of money…parenthesis and links, mine)

In April, your Michigan Public Service Commission boasted that efficiency programs were ”bigger and better.” But if they're unavailable the remainder of 2011, that seems a hollow boast.

Please adjust this program – that was created in 2008 with a bipartisan vote of the Michigan House and Senate – so that the utilities don’t get to slam the door partway through the year on businesses and homeowners trying to save energy and money.

Thank you,

Mitten State

Hat tip to Frank Zaski for digging up the highlighted statements from the utilities’ web sites.


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