Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Canada's 2009-10 winter warmest on record

Canada’s winter was the warmest since they started keeping records 62 years ago. Seven degrees (farenheit) above normal: http://bit.ly/cGAUkH

This data point for merely a few months on a small part of the planet’s surface is of no statistical significance when it comes to using (or misusing) it for the purposes of talking about climate change.

Still, it’s interesting. And so is this graphic showing the temperature departures from normal across the globe.

Here in the continental U.S. we were a little chilly. We know this because of the little blue dots over our nation. We also know because because Glenn Beck and Senator Inhofe and Rush Limbaugh went apoplectic and  frothed at the mouth every time it snowed in Washington or iced up in Atlanta.

But our Canuck neighbors weren't cool. They were exceptionally warm this winter. And, clearly, so was the majority of the planet.

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