Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding common ground with anti-government right wingers: iPhones are cool!

As advertised (see the post immediately below this one), there were no scientists on the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s ‘expert’ panel at Oakland University yesterday discussing the most complex and pressing science issue of our time (climate change).

I will spare you the predictable diatribes against Al Gore, scientists, the media, liberals, environmentalists, etc.

But the most telling moment was when one panelist, the Reason Foundation’s Shikha Dalmia, to her credit, said she would not discuss climate science, because: “Unless you are a trained climate scientist you have no business talking about it as far as I’m concerned.”

The irony was lost entirely on the other panelists, who proceeded to expound on climate science at excruciating and grossly inaccurate length.

Afterward, Detroit News cartoonist and 'expert' panelist Henry Payne and I had a spirited discussion about renewable energy, the environmental community, the cost of peak-load electricity generation and iPhone apps.

We agreed. iPhones are cool.


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  1. should have used the
    Skeptical Science iPhone app