Friday, April 16, 2010

Detroit's Campus Martius earns national recognition as a successful urban park

Vibrant public spaces are critical for the health of cities and those who live, work and visit them.

In recent years Detroit has made significant strides. The banks of the Detroit River were walled off for years by a foreboding phalanx of buildings and concrete. It is now an accessible and thriving walkway showcasing the beauty of the river and urban fabric of the city:

And now the Detroit Free Press reports that Campus Martius Park was named a top urban park by a national organization: Campus Martius beat out competing parks from cities including Boston, New York and Seattle.

Public parks, walkways, rails and greenspaces often are considered luxuries when it comes time to slash tight budgets. But there’s strong case to be made that these lands are integral parts of a well functioning city and the sense of community and well-being that attracts residents and businesses.

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