Friday, May 21, 2010

Breaking News: Michigan DNRE denies Rogers City coal plant; spares customers $77/month increase. Does Pete Hoekstra really support such a rate hike?

The Michigan DNRE just announced denial of an air permit for the proposed 600 megawatt coal plant proposed by Wolverine Power Cooperative in Rogers City. The state Public Service Commission estimates the plant would have resulted in a rate increase of almost 60 percent for the average residential customer. More to come.


Here is the Michigan Environmental Council's take on the decision:

And the state's press release: 

And here's a PDF of the letter from the head of the Public Service Commission to the governor, explaining why the new coal plant would be a "big mistake," is not necessary to meet the region's energy needs, and would cost almost $77/year for the average homeowner:

And here's an astonishing statement from Congressman Pete Hoekstra (who also is running for governor) decrying the decision on the grounds it would have created jobs. Is Rep. Hoekstra seriously favoring a plan that would more than double the electricity rates for Michigan families? Or favoring building a coal plant to generate electricity that the PSC says we don't need?

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