Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where the !@#%! is Stevens Point, WI and how did we lose a water tasting contest to them?

It should have been some consolation that this year’s winner of the “Best of the Best” water tasting competition comes from our Great Lakes neighbor, Wisconsin:  But then I learned that the winner, the city of Stevens Point, actually draws its water from the Mississippi River watershed and not from the Great Lakes basin.

Seriously? A bunch of Brett Farve worshipping cheeseheads are celebrating while Great Lakes water gets shut out again? (“We put up a banner on Highway 51, by the fire station…” said the town’s 32-year old mayor. How quaint. Hey, Stevens Point: Detroit elected a 30-something mayor too. You wanna know how that turned out?)

Stevens Point brags that its water is used to brew Point Beer (creative name) referred to by locals as Blue Bullets. Big freakin’ deal. We have (or used to have) Stroh’s beer, referred to by locals as “Stroh’s Beer”. And we have breweries in Bellaire, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Webberville and on and on. 

This should be a call to arms for Michiganders, whose lone entry in the water tasting contest, the city of Allegan, was dissed by some backwater town that draws its water from the aquifers of the Muddy Missippi River (pictured).  What’s worse, not one of  Michigan’s candidates for governor seem to have the guts to address this issue head-on, as we have seen nary a word about this on Twitter or Facebook. Even the right wing attack dogs have yet to blame the water tasting loss on Gov. Granholm, the mainstream media and climate scientists.

Allegan wasn’t the only town to get dissed. Stevens Point beat out New York City’s water from the Catskill Mountains, and water from Silverdale, Washington which uses water from an underground well so pure it pumps it directly to homes without treating it. Now that’s cool. But I’m still pissed.


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