Sunday, July 18, 2010

Been away doing Pure Michigan (and why are Kroger and Meijer doing Pure Washington State?)

Mitten State has been vacationing on beautiful Hubbard Lake near Alpena this past week, and expects to be back posting regular items soon. It was surely a Pure Michigan week in a part of the state that I was not familiar with, including swimming in Hubbard Lake, snorkeling a Lake Huron shipwreck off Alpena, and picking the last of the U-Pick strawberries and raspberries.

The culmination was to have been my first charter boat scuba dive on two wrecks -- the Flint and the Montana -- off Alpena. But after getting fully geared up and in the water, my rented equipment failed and scuttled the trip. It was however, fortunate that the stuck regulator -- blasting out the contents of my air tank so fast that the hardware on the top of the tank literally froze solid -- decided to go haywire on the surface rather than 70 feet below.

On an unrelated note -- how is it that the Gaylor Meijer store has only Washington State cherries at a time when the Traverse City Cherry Festival is going on only 60 miles away? Same with my local Kroger store tonight? Washington cherries. In the middle of a Michigan summer?

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