Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An interview with me. Because it's all about me.

I try to make Mitten State not about me. It doesn’t always work out that way. So here’s a link to a short story and lengthy (23 minute) podcast of my appearance on the Greening of the Great Lakes radio show that aired recently on WJR radio and other outlets in Michigan.

It’s a wide-ranging talk with host Kirk Heinze on a number of topics of interest to Michigan’s natural resources. Heinze and his crew do a good job of exploring environmental topics in more depth than most news outlets are able or willing to these days.

Listen, or don’t. But I thought it vitally important that you be given the opportunity to hear me talk. I'm sure you'll agree.

In other news, you'll notice on the right side here I've moved the "Blog List" up to the top of the page, and ordered them chronologically, with the most recent entries at the top...and cool little headlines of what the most recent posts are about. These bloggers are, unfortunately, not me. But they're interesting, in a not-Hugh kind of way.  So you might check them out!


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