Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Complete Streets passes the Michigan House! (posted quickly for the 20-somethings who use the Series of Tubes!)

I was going to wait until tonight to post this, but then the office interns told me they read Mitten State. So, because 20-somethings who are savvy about the series of tubes http://bit.ly/a5ninQ expect their news instantaneously, here it is: (as an aside, the interns were discussing String Theory today. WTF? Shouldn't interns be discussing beer and sports?)

This afternoon, the Michigan House of Representative passed Complete Streets legislation: http://bit.ly/9NXWkI It requires road agencies to consider and plan for non-motorized transportation when building or reconstructing new roads. This is a big step toward creating the type of bike- and pedestrian friendly infrastructure that is such an integral part of thriving downtowns across the nation. And a step away from building roads that are impenetrable fortresses for people trying to get across city streets.

Kudos to the House of Reps. I will try and add the "yes" and "no" vote tally soon so you can see who the heroes and villians are.

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