Monday, December 13, 2010

More irrelevant and boring information: 2010 on pace to be planet's warmest ever

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about why the public discussion on climate change really does not hinge on the science at all. The discussion has been hijacked by forces that have little regard for the fuzzy, complicated, scienc-ey stuff.

And true to form, the loudest of the loudmouths  have seized on the American Midwest’s snowstorms and cold snaps as proof of the climate change hoax. (Nevermind, um, the record high temperatures in Phoenix and Southern California.)

So even though the science doesn’t seem to push the public opinion needle, it’s still interesting to go all Old School every once in a while and see what the data says. Lately, it says that 2010 is on pace to be the warmest year ever recorded on our humble planet.

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  1. It's becoming impossible to explain to people that global warming is about the trend over time.

    We had a strong El Nino, and we'll have (most likely) a strong La Nina. But the average temperature is still rising! So we'll always have very warm to very hot summers, and we'll have very cold to very frigid winters.

    It's the average over time.

    We're most likely going to have a cold winter, with lots of snowfall. The cold weather will be caused by La Nina, and the precipitation from an atmosphere that's holding more water due to man-made emissions.