Wednesday, January 12, 2011

End of an era: North Woods Call's Glen Sheppard's commanding, combative voice for Michigan's natural resources is stilled

Mitten State is back from an exhilarating two weeks vacationing in animal-dense Costa Rica where surf, sun and wildlife were in abundance.

We’ll be back in the saddle soon, but wanted to share the sad – if belated – news of the passing of North Woods Call editor Glen Sheppard. I won’t carry on about Shep, since Gerald Volgenau captured his essence so genuinely in this piece he wrote in 2009,

Both ‘bulldog’ and ‘legend’ are words that have been trivialized by overuse. Shep – through is relentless reporting and crusading for the integrity of the state’s woods, water and wildlife, deserves both of them. As the Call's masthead says, it is an "admittedly biased newspaper....there is only one side to any issue involving natural resources: Nature's!" RIP Shep. And be certain that some of us will carry on the fight – though perhaps never so fully and purely as you have…….

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