Thursday, February 17, 2011

RoboCop won't keep our best and brightest here; Woodward Light Rail might

Your move, creep!

Today’s news was peppered with puffery about the ridiculous flap over the Detroit RoboCop statue. But if you were diligent, you could find real news in the form of this story on the exciting light rail project that looks (finger crossed) like it might actually happen along Woodward Avenue in Detroit. There’s a video, too.

Yes, it’s expensive. So are roads. So is owning, maintaining and insuring a personal vehicle (which 25 percent of Detroiters don’t have). Light rail critics don’t seem to have any alternatives better than shuffling along with a broken status quo that isn’t working for many, many people in this proud city and the inner-ring suburbs that neighbor it. “Just say no” is not a plan.

RoboCop won’t keep our young people from fleeing to cool cities like Chicago. A modern public transportation system might. This is a start.

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