Thursday, March 24, 2011

Report: 241 Michigan companies employ 10,000 workers in wind and solar supply chains solar energy jobs
Michigan has 241 companies supplying parts for wind and solar industries and they employ 10,000 Michiganders according to this report issued this week by the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC).

Michigan ranks 4th in the nation for jobs in the solar industry, and is leads the nation in clean energy patent applications. Clean energy is the fastest growing sector of the state’s economy; there is $10 billion in new clean energy investment in the pipeline right now. 

The ELPC report isn’t complicated. It mostly lists the businesses and their locations, including maps. But it’s nice to have around the next time some grump wants to know “so where are these so called clean energy jobs?” 

This story in Crain’s Detroit Business finds some other savvy business folks who think the wind and solar industries are a pretty good bet in Michigan.

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