Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here's a self indulgent plug to fill the void while you wait for a real blog item

Yeah, I got a couple of burning issues I’m trying to find time to research and post. Most notably why the SOBs at AT&T saw fit to dump 10 more pounds of virgin paper phonebooks on my doorstep despite my concerted efforts for three years to halt delivery. I have an iPhone. I don't need a phone book. Much less three of them.

But for now I share with you Real Detroit magazine’s writeup of Mitten State as one of their favorite blogs. Thanks for the plug, folks:

"This is our favorite place to order a helping of green news with a big side of sarcasm. Michigan Environmental Council's Hugh McDiarmid (a former Freep writer) takes on environmental news with a cheeky twist that is so not AP style. For issues ranging from politics to the oil spill to why the hell Meijer only stocks Washington cherries during the Michigan cherry-growing season, Hugh is our guy."

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